Industrial Powder Coating Services in Perth

Industrial Powder Coating Services in Perth

So many different businesses can benefit from industrial powder coating services, from builders to playground installers to home contractors. Powder coating is a durable and attractive surface coating for metal materials, and SupaCoat in Perth has some of the best powder coating facilities in the country.

When you need industrial powder coating, give us a call.

How Does It Work?

Industrial powder coating is a fast and efficient method for painting or covering a metal surface. Powder coating doesn't use any liquids to paint the surface. Instead, powder coating relies on static electricity, much like a dusty TV screen.

The pigmented powder is sprayed onto the charged metal surface, where it sticks because of the static charge. Then, the parts are cured in an oven. The powder coating melts and hardens into a tough layer that coats the entire surface.

Because the powder melts and hardens back together, the molecular structure of the coating changes from individual powder particles to long chains. The result is an incredibly durable coating on the metal surface.

Why Choose SupaCoat?

SupaCoat operates out of a purpose-built facility that allows us to offer industrial powder coating services on a massive scale. We have two production lines that operate simultaneously, and we have two of the largest curing ovens in Western Australia. Our large ovens can cure materials up to 15 metres long.

When you have a large industrial powder coating order and you need a business who can handle the workload, call SupaCoat. We will get the job done quickly and deliver a superior finished product. All our finished products are carefully packaged to prevent damage and then professionally delivered to your premises.

Since 1982, SupaCoat has provided excellent powder coating services in the Perth region, and we plan to keep doing so. You can trust our high-quality products and excellent customer service. To learn more, call +61 8 9358 9444.