Professional Powder Coating in Perth

Professional Powder Coating in Perth

Powder Coating Services in Perth

When specifying your new aluminium fence, or steel building facades, make sure you specify a powder coating surface treatment. Do you have an aluminium fence that needs a new coat of colour? Does your steel building need a fresh layer of protection? Powder coating is a great option for coating metal in a durable and beautiful coating, and Supacoat in Perth is a great option for getting this job done for you. When you need professional powder coating services done for any project, large or small, come to us.

Benefits of Our Powder Coating

When you choose powder coating for your aluminium or steel materials, you choose a decorative and protective layer that will last for decades to come. Our electrostatic powder coating is baked on in our large ovens (the largest in Australia), and the finished coating is beautiful, strong, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant.  

At our state-of-the-art powder coating facility, located in Perth, we use only the highest quality powders and our technology is all cutting-edge. We're confident that you'll love how your metal looks.

Benefits of Working With Us

Supacoat has been around since 1982. We are experienced professionals when it comes to powder coating for metal fabrication, so when you come to us, you know you're getting extremely high-quality work done. Our large-scale ovens allow us to provide quick turnaround times for each project we do, but we still make sure to take our time and do each job right.

Whether you have a small, residential project, or a big industrial one, Supacoat is your choice for all your powder coating needs. Contact us today at +61 8 9358 9444 or fill out our online contact form.